Live Music Archive

Privacy Policy

Live Music Archive was built with privacy in mind. It uses no third-party analytics software, beyond what Apple provides to developers if you opt-in to sharing. We do not store any user data, like favorites and listening history, on our servers. All data is stored locally on your device or privately in your iCloud account if you have iCloud enabled.

The app collects diagnostics to help resolve problems if they pop up. They are stored locally on your device and can be optionally shared, by you, with the developer as-needed. You can disable diagnostic collection in the Support menu, but this does make it more difficult to offer support if you need it.

By using Live Music Archive, you are subject to the Internet Archive's Privacy Policy since Live Music Archive will be accessing the Internet Archive's API for your listening pleasure.

Not that we have any of your data, but Live Music Archive would not sell or rent it if we did.